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Promoting Community Resilience In Disasters

When large-scale disasters occur, they typically strike without warning – regardless of whether the cause is natural, such as a tsunami or earthquake, or humanmade, such as a terrorist attack. And immediately following a hazardous event or mass violence, two of the most vulnerable groups at risk are a community’s children and their family members. Promoting Community Resilience in Disasters offers both clinicians and researchers guidance on hazard preparation efforts as well as early response and intervention practices. It emphasizes an evidenceand prevention-based approach that is geared toward readiness, response, and recovery phases of natural and human-made disasters,

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Australian Psychology Conference, October, 2009

In doing a recent presentation at the Australian Psychological Society Conference on “Child and Family Resilience to Disasters”, I mentioned there that I would post the presentation at this website.
Please see the attached powerpoint presentation.   We will also be posting some powerpoints from a recent workshop in Melbourne.

APS Workshop Final Draft

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As of our new look website going up on July 1 2009, more to follow in this section soon, including advice and resources.

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More to follow in this section, including resources, research possibilities and so forth.
But, for the moment, if you are thinking about or planning research in the area of children and family preparedness, response and recovery from hazardous events, we are available for free consultation to help that research get off the ground.
Not only is our advice free, but we can also assist directly with research if your own time or resources are limited.  We can also make available a measure that we have used in previous research that assesses preparedness …

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The Australasian Hazards Management Conference is run annually, alternating between locations in New Zealand and Australia.

The conference provides a forum to discuss the integration of hazard information into effective risk management, including:

- Applying hazard information to best practice planning
- Developing effective warning systems
- Improved response and recovery from events
- Creating resilient communities through integrating science into practice

Our target audience is: Emergency managers, planners, risk assessors, asset and utility managers, natural hazards researchers and scientists.

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This page has different resources including websites with information for planning in schools, discussion of incidents with children and adults. This list will continue to be updated over time.
Talking About Disasters: Guide for Standard Messages (2004), USA

Since early 2002, the National Disaster Education Coalition has worked on reviewing and updating its “Talking About Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages.” The review process included extensive participation by more than 450 professionals, scientists, and researchers who contributed to the material. Representatives from NDEC participating agencies have spent numerous hours to refine and …