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Recent literature in hazards education and related topics

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  1. Articles examining the links between environmental hazards and migration, available free for downloading at these links:


  2. Hazards education in a community context:

    Karanci, A. N., Aksit, B., & Dirik, G. (2005).  Impact of a community disaster awareness training program in Turkey: Does it influence hazard-related cognitions and preparedness behaviors.  Social Behavior and Personality, 33(3), 243-258.

  3. Relationship between accuracy about one’s “risk area” and evacuation:

    Arlikatti, S., Lindell, M.K., Prater, C. S., & Zhang, Y. (2006).  Risk area accuracy and hurricane evacuation expectations of coastal residents.  Environment and Behavior, 38(2), 226-247.

  4. Risk in adolescent decision-making and different means for judging risk:

    Reyna, V.  F. & Farley, F. (2006).  Risk and rationality in adolescent decision-making:  Implications for theory, practice, and public policy.  Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 7(1), 1-44.

    Hertwig, R., Pachur, T., & Kurzenhauser, S. (2005).  Judgments of risk frequencies: Tests of possible cognitive mechanisms.  Journal of Experimenal Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 31(4), 621-642.

  5. Community partnerships that involve schools and youth around environmental health issues:

    Delp, L. (2005).  Fostering youth leadership to address workplace and community environmental health issues: A university-school-community partnership.  Health Promotion Practice, 6(3), 270-285.

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