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Web-based Education Resources and Resources for a Website

28 June 2009 6,890 views No Comment

If you or your agency is planning a hazards education-related website, we would recommend including material that we have included in Chapters 5-8 in particular.

In terms of what to include at a hazards specific website for schools, youth and families, we recommend in particular looking at material at the Federal Emergency Management Agency website, Disaster Education Coalition website and the New Zealand Civil Defence and Emergency Management websites.  The first two websites are already listed in Appendix 2 of the book.

The New Zealand Civil Defence website is http://www.mcdem.govt.nz/memwebsite.nsf

At that site, there is information on a program that has been developed since the publication of our book in 2005.  The program is called “What’s the Plan Stan” and includes some quite useful resources for use with schoolchildren and that might be applicable for a website.  The specific URL for that site is as follows:


Finally, feel most free to contact us if you are planning a website or are considering doing some research.  We like to talk with others who are interested in this area.  You can make initial contact in one of two ways:

  1. send an email through this website
  2. contact Kevin Ronan at [email protected]
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