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Australasian Natural Hazards
Management Conference
From Warnings to Response and Recovery



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Australasian Hazards Management Workshop Series
Novotel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Australia, 5-7 August 2009

Conference Reports - Post Conference


The 2009 full programme and registration.

Workshop titles

Day 1, 5th August 2009, Morning
Workshop 1: Building tsunami resilient communities
Workshop 2: Climate change adaptation, fire & emergency management
Workshop 3: International Disaster Response Law in Australia

Day 1, 5th August 2009, Afternoon
Workshop 4: Weather and Society
Workshop 5: The role of NGOs in disaster risk reduction
Workshop 6: Probabilistic hazard and risk modelling as a tool in planning for natural disasters

Day 2, 6th August 2009, Morning
Workshop 7: Working with children, families and school in disasters
Workshop 8: Remote & rural communities in a changing environment.
Workshop 9: Impact Modelling in Australia and New Zealand

Day 2, 6th August 2009, Afternoon
Workshop 10: Gender and Disasters (one and a half days)
Workshop 11: Developing effective emergency management within local government
Workshop 12: Land tenure, GIS and disasters

Day 2, 6th August 2009, Evening, 5 � 8 pm
Student Research Forum

Day 3, 7th August 2009, All day

Workshop 10: Gender and Disasters (continues)


5 August � Opening reception 5-7pm
6 August � Student research forum 5-8pm (dinner provided)



Standard (+gst)

Students and �not for profit� NGO�s (+gst)

Full workshop attendance



One day



Half Day



Student research forum only



* The Gender Workshop is charge at the one-day rate.
* Full workshop attendance allows access to up 4 workshops

Workshop details

See full programme for details on each of the workshops

Organisation committee

David Johnston, GNS Science/Massey University
John Handmer, RMIT
Katharine Haynes, RMIT
Kevin Ronan, Central Queensland University
Mike Morrison, Redland City Council
Douglas Paton, University of Tasmania
Julia Becker, GNS Science
Ros Houghton, Victoria University of Wellington
Tom Wilson, University of Canterbury
John McAneney, Risk Frontiers
Linda Anderson-Berry, Bureau of Meteorology