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Australasian Natural Hazards
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From Warnings to Response and Recovery



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6th Australasian Hazards Management Conference
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 21-22 August 2012

From warnings to effective response and recovery

christchurch earthquake conferencePhoto: D. Beetham, GNS Science

2012 conference proceedings

The 2012 Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference provided a forum to discuss the integration of hazard
information into effective risk management, including:

  • Applying hazard information to best practice planning
  • Developing effective warning systems
  • Improved response and recovery from events
  • Creating resilient communities through integrating science into practice.

The 2012 conference proceedings and list of attendees are as follows:


6th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference 2012 Programme

Monday 20 August 2012, Day 1 – Pre-conference Workshop

      Response and Recovery by Maori
      Simon Lambert, Lincoln University

      Christchurch Earthquake Impacts on Schools outside Canterbury Massey University

      Christchurch’s Coastal and River Quakes
      Deirdre Hart, University of Canterbury

      Children and Young People’s Voices
      Karen Nairn, University of Otago

      Immediate Behavioural Response
      Michael Lindell, Texas A&M University

      The Role of Mental Health Services in Psychosocial Recovery
      Rose Henderson and Ron Chambers, CDHB

      Whanau tu, Whanau mahi, Whanaua ora: Navigating Whanau Resilience
      Paul Whitinui, University of Canterbury

      Build Back Smarter
      Lois Easton, Beacon Pathway Inc

      Some Effects of the Christchurch Earthquake Sequence on Insurance Modelling
      Michael Drayton, Risk Management Solutions

      Improving the Resilience of New Zealand SMEs
      Tracy Hatton, Univ of Canterbury

      Tourism after the Earthquakes. Impacts, recovery and resilience.
      Caroline Orchiston, University of Otago

      Spontaneous volunteering in the Christchurch and Tauranga disasters
      Louis Brown, Social Innovation

Tuesday 21 August 2012, Day 2 – CONFERENCE

      Update on Recovery
      Diane Turner, CERA

      Natural Hazards Platform
      Kelvin Berryman, GNS Science

      Forensic Investigations of Disasters
      Jane Rovins, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk

      Mantras, Dogmas and Towing the Party Line
      Kate Lawrence, Community disaster advocate, Macedon, Victoria
      (Note: there was no presentation used in this talk. The Rich media and Vodcast versions
      of this session provide no additional benefit to the audio-only podcast recording.)

      Refugee Community Perspectives and Responses
      Jay Marlowe, University of Auckland

      Deaf Gain: Increasing Resilience of the Deaf Community
      Emma Calgaro, University of New South Wales

      Diet and Recovery: The role of Nutrition after a Natural Disaster
      Julia Rucklidge, University of Canterbury

      Community-led Resilience in Urban Areas: A toolkit
      Jared Thomas, Opus International, and Peter Walker, Wellington Regional EM Office

      Imprisonment and Disaster
      JC Gaillard, University of Auckland

      How Japan planned its way to the 2011 Tohoku disaster
      Chris Gomez, University of Canterbury

      The Role of Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Buildings
      Stuart Fraser, Massey University

Wednesday 22 August 2012, Day 3 – CONFERENCE

      Insights from Modelling Economic Impacts
      Anne Wein, Western Geographic Science Centre, USA

      Prioritising Perils
      Graeme Smart, NIWA

      GIS for Emergency Management
      Kate Burns, Tonkin & Taylor

      Natural Hazards as Security Threats
      Rita Parker, University of New South Wales

      The Challenge of Making Rapid Early Warning Effective
      Graham Leonard, GNS Science

      Judgements of Earthquake Hazard
      John McClure, Victoria University of Wellington

      Milton 2060: A Flood Risk Management Strategy
      M Goldsmith, Otago Regional Council

      Managing Floods in New South Wales
      Steve Opper, NSW SES

      Raising the Profile of Wildfires as a Natural Hazard
      Grant Pearce, Scion

      The importance of psychosocial recovery.
      Sarb Johal, Joint Centre for Disaster Resarch, Massey University/GNS Science

      Shake Out
      Jo Guard, MCDEM


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